Pupils at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Flint Regeneration Day


Friday, November 17th was a real celebration for the school. There were four artists on site who worked with over 90 children to create images for the new health centre that is being built as part of the Flint Regeneration 2025 Project. There were two visual artists, one writer and one dancer.

Four of the eleven classes were chosen to be involved and the children ranged from six to eleven years of age. The work that they created was inspirational and the artists spoke very highly of their creativity, enthusiasm, impeccable behaviour and general talent that they should be commended for.

Four Prefects led the after-school Parents' session and were exceptional. They had created a PowerPoint and outlined the way the day had developed and shared their work, including a section from the dance they had learned. Over 100 people came to the after-school session to learn about the day.

Flint is a multicultural town and the new Health Centre has been planned to ensure that people can access the services through a range of symbols and patterns without having to depend on language. It is important that all families feel that the centre is for them.