Pupils at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Inspection Reports from Estyn and the Diocese


We are very pleased with all of the positive statements that were made during the week and the Governors and Staff will now produce an Action Plan in the next 20 working days to address the recommendations.

We are sure that parents will be concerned when they see that a safeguarding issue is a recommendation in the Estyn Report.  The Headteacher would like to reassure everyone that this was discussed immediately with Governors, Diocesan Officers and the Local Authority and systems were created to help the situation and there are ongoing discussions. The concern was that there is a fence on Coed Onn road that has raised from the ground and a small animal or child could roll under the fence and come onto the premises, or leave the premises.

The Head teacher would  like to reassure everyone that children are never outside unsupervised and she has a formal meeting again with Local Authority Representatives and Governors to remedy this situation this week.If you have any concerns please speak to your child's class teacher.

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