Pupils at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School


International School Award

International School Award


We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the International School Award from the British Council for our work with our partner school in Nepal. We started the process roughly two years ago when Mr Jones and Miss Fisher went on a Global... Read more...



We will be selling the following to support the Royal British Legion for Remembrance Day.Eraser 50pReflector 50pPencil Sharpener 50pPencil 50pRuler £1.00If your child wishes to purchase any of these items or make a donation for a poppy, please... Read more...

Inspection Reports from Estyn and the Diocese


We are very pleased with all of the positive statements that were made during the week and the Governors and Staff will now produce an Action Plan in the next 20 working days to address the recommendations.We are sure that parents will be concerned when... Read more...

Poverty and Deprivation Grant


St. Mary's Catholic Primary School were allocated £52,100 for the poverty and deprivation grant for April 1st 2017-March 31st 2018.This grant  is spent on additional staff for intervention and support  to raise standards in literacy and... Read more...

St. Mary's Governors Annual Report to Parents for 2016 - 2017


We are very pleased with the progress that children have made in relation to their targets; all were met or exceeded.Thank you for your support.Download report Read more...



School are working very hard to achieve the Welsh Government target of 96%. There are a wide variety of strategies that are used to encourage children to come to school every day. Children cannot learn if they are not in school and every day missed is... Read more...