Pupils at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School


St. Mary's Governors Annual Report to Parents for 2016 - 2017


We are very pleased with the progress that children have made in relation to their targets; all were met or exceeded.Thank you for your support.Download report Read more...



School are working very hard to achieve the Welsh Government target of 96%. There are a wide variety of strategies that are used to encourage children to come to school every day. Children cannot learn if they are not in school and every day missed is... Read more...

St Mary's Catholic Primary School Open Tuesday December 12th


Thankyou for your understanding today. As many of you will know, we very rarely close school, even when other schools do but today was unavoidable. Mr. Harper has cleared paths today and will clear paths again in the morning.The forecast is above freezing... Read more...

School closure - Monday December 11th 2017


St. Mary's Catholic Primary School will be closed tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 11th, for Health and Safety reasons due to the severe weather conditions and the decision is not taken easily. Every effort will be made to ensure our school site is cleared ready... Read more...

Flint Regeneration Day


Friday, November 17th was a real celebration for the school. There were four artists on site who worked with over 90 children to create images for the new health centre that is being built as part of the Flint Regeneration 2025 Project. There were two... Read more...