Flintshire Regeneration Rainbow display at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

School Information

School children at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Flintshire

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Flint recently celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary. The original building has been extended to accommodate the pupils who range in age from 3 - 11.

The school provides a faith-based education and welcomes all pupils regardless of race, religion, educational ability etc. etc. and ensures that they receive a broad, balanced education where they are all treated with the dignity that they deserve as a unique creation made in the image and likeness of God. All children are encouraged to achieve their full potential and staff have very high expectations of them all.

’Come and See’ is the Religious Education Diocesan Programme that is taught throughout the school from Nursery to Year Six. This covers specific themes and encourages the children to respect themselves and everyone else; in the classroom, school, local community and global community. Each year there are specific fundraising events to promote awareness of those who are less fortunate than we are. These are always extremely well supported and large amounts of money are sent to MacMillan Cancer Relief, Mission Together (Children Helping Children), Fairtrade and other local charities e.g. Poor Clare Convent, Food Banks etc.

Children are encouraged to be responsible for their behaviour and every day is a fresh start. Positive discipline is the focus of the school and visitors always make reference to the calm, welcoming atmosphere and the independence of the pupils in the school environment. All of the children are a credit to the school, their parents and to themselves.

Statue of Mary at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Flintshire

The Head teacher and Governors have invested heavily in the fabric of the building to ensure that it is a 21st Century building that provides a very good education for all. Over £100,000 has been spent since the present Head teacher took up her post in September 2008 replacing the original Windows. These have transformed the building, not only reducing heating costs but also giving the building a more modern appearance.

There is a very active PTA who are raising funds to increase the resources for Digital Competency. There are a number of I pads in the school which are timetabled and very well used by staff and children to ensure that children, and staff, are well prepared for the digital age.

The school grounds have also been transformed and can now boast a Forest School, a Trim Trail (to promote well-being and exercise), gazebo’s to shelter the children during hot/wet weather and very pleasant outdoor classrooms for the Foundation Phase pupils. Each class also has a raised flower bed that they are responsible for and these contain flowers or vegetables, depending on the class topics and interests at the time. The grounds are extensive and all visitors comment on how lucky the school is to have such a beautiful outdoor provision.

There are a range of extra-curricular activities after school and at lunchtime and these depend on the availability of staff and providers. Please see our Clubs page for more information.