Teachers and pupils from school council at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Pupil Voice

School Council

Outdoor learning at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Here at St. Mary’s, we are keen to develop the pupil voice and fully involve all learners in sharing their views, opinions and ideas to help make our school a better place.

The School Council Committee holds an annual democratic election across the school whereby potential candidates present their visions and manifestos. Each learner votes for their preferred candidate and the Committee is then formed. The Committee consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Each class elects a Class Representative and these children also attend half termly meetings. The Class Rep’s role is to present ideas generated in class, review minutes taken at each meeting and to also feedback new ideas and initiatives to the Committee.

The Secretary is responsible for producing informative newsletters of work the Council are undertaking. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop and promote home-school links.

We have been fortunate enough to have our Chair of Governors, Mr Leddy, attend our meetings. This has been a valuable opportunity for the children to work in collaboration with Governors in order to achieve common goals for the benefit of our school.

An example of some Autumn Term initiatives include:

  • Organisation and promotion of Christmas Jumper Day
  • Development of a pupil information/celebration display board in a central area of our school
  • Pupil suggestion boxes in our classrooms
  • Created invitations to invite special friends of St. Mary’s to our Christmas Productions
  • Treasurer will guide and lead others in decisions regarding World Gifts to be purchased

We use Twitter and Newsletters as a positive way to share the wonderful work we are undertaking with our parents.

Eco Council

Outdoor school project with primary school working on tablet

St Mary’s Eco Council consists of an active group of committed children who share a passion for eco issues and a love for our planet.

Similar to our School Council, interested children put together a manifesto, outlining reasons why they should be elected and then travel to each class to deliver their ideas.

A committee is elected; consisting of Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Each class nominates and elects a Class Rep to attend meetings, share ideas and feedback Eco News.

In St. Mary’s we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful large site to enhance our outdoor provision and the Eco Council seek opportunities to develop, sustain and improve our whole school environment.

An example of some recent initiatives undertaken by our current Eco Councillors include:

  • The creation of a catchy slogan, encapsulating our Eco vision
  • Focus has been placed on reducing waste, conserving energy and water
  • Working in conjunction with our Forest School to develop an Eco Code of Conduct for everyone to follow

Our passionate team of Eco Warriors in school are very excited to work on projects and initiatives to enhance everyone’s understanding and knowledge of how we can become an Eco Friendly school. Twitter and Newsletters will inform our parents and friends of St. Mary’s of new developments in our school.