School dinners menu

School Dinners

School canteen at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Flintshire County Council used to provide the hot meals and sandwiches for every child and adult in  their schools but since May 1st, the people who managed the service have set it up as a private business.

They have promised to maintain the high food standards of healthy, nutritious meals with an excellent range and menu that covers all areas of the food requirements to ensure that children, and adults, have the best chance of concentrating because their brains are being 'well fed!'

Prices have increased due to inflation but costs are still very reasonable for a hot meal, a pudding and a drink each day. At the time of going to press children's meals cost £2.20 each day or £11.00 each week.

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School are very lucky to have a lovely cook and a great team around him who engage with the children and encourage them every day to enjoy different choices and 'try' new foodstuffs.

School meals are very popular and the three week menu is provided for parents to choose meals with their children in advance.