Pupils at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Catholic Primary School Open Tuesday December 12th


Thankyou for your understanding today. As many of you will know, we very rarely close school, even when other schools do but today was unavoidable. Mr. Harper has cleared paths today and will clear paths again in the morning.

The forecast is above freezing after midnight and into the morning and then showers and much milder throughout the day so everyone should be safe tomorrow. Please, do take care walking or driving because there may still be ice underfoot.

We cannot guarantee the Key Stage Two Performance will go ahead until we know if St. Richard Gwyn are open. We will post news on here and on Twitter when we know and obviously your children will also be able to inform you when they come home as the Perfomance is not until 6 p.m. As regards today's cancelled performance we will be unable to inform you of any possible alternative dates until later in the week when we have had chance to check St. Richard Gwyn's Christmas use of their drama studio. Obviously we will do our utmost to re-schedule. Thankyou for your understanding.

Please make sure your children come to school with warm coats as some are still only wearing light Summer coats.

R. M. Molyneux